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Welcome. I hope you enjoy my photography. I take photographs in the British landscape. Woodland, coastal and sometimes urban. Some photographs are more or less conventional and some are.. not. As well as trying to capture an essence of Britain (both modern and times gone by), I like to explore abstracts, pattern, decay and nature.

England has some of the best countryside in the world. Although I have travelled a little, I am still amazed at the unique beauty of British woodland, it is somewhere I always return to. There is nowhere else quite like it anywhere. British trees, flowers and habitats add up to create places that are unique to us. At all times of year and in all weathers it can display incredible colour and majesty. You can get an amazing sense of wonder when you walk among some of these incredible ancient trees (or 'beings' as I think of them). Some have existed there for hundreds of years. The best woodlands are the ones that are not 'over-managed', but are looked after and maintained with respect and understanding. Natural woodland. It is here that you can find the most peace, beauty and undisturbed wildlife.

Something else that has become a recent fascination for me is the seafront in Britain. Not only can you find beautiful natural scenes, but there is plenty of history evident (much of it decayed or faded). The Victorian heyday of holidays by the sea, plus the tourist boom of post-war Britain still show themselves, even if it is just a hint. Sometimes bizarre man-made objects create unusual and interesting artistic scenes and British people can live in unusual, surreal worlds like no other.

Anyway, enough rambling, I am stopping you from looking at the pictures! I hope you enjoy my work, and many thanks for stopping by.

By the way, if you do decide to buy something, note that the watermarks that appear here do not appear on the items that you purchase.

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I have always taken photographs since I was a child. I usually take photographs of the British landscape. I particularly love British woodland and the seafront. I also love urban decay, abstracts and patterns which I find everywhere that I go, some of which you will find here, but most of the work here is dedicated to landscape.

I went to art school (Ravensbourne College Of Art & Design) when I was younger, where I would paint woodland landscapes, but in my spare time I made video, which led to an interest in sound. I produced, mixed and toured for some time before I settled into teaching and lecturing for ten years. Now, I return to my artwork and have recently made the effort to survive self-employed.

I also do design work and illustration. Please go to my website at Simon Birch Artwork to see this.

I am a keen musician and sound designer too, and occasionally blog about this here: X-Amount of X-Amount

I am currently based in Salisbury, Wiltshire in the UK.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy the images.

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