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Created 22-Jul-12
42 photos

A collection of photographs that celebrate abstraction and pattern, both in the countryside and urban environments.
Abstraction on the RocksShingle CompositionStripes in the SeascapeRed BarkBark, Ivy and MossLichen on BarkBark and SnailPatterns in the BranchesMoss On BarkGreen CanopySkipRoad CompositionAluminiumWall LichenRoad Composition 2Ventilation GrillLine CompositionRoad Composition 3Waterloo East 1Waterloo East 2

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Keywords:British, Great Britain, London, UK, abstract, abstraction, artistic, bark, bark, branches, cities, colour, composition, crack, cracked, cracks, decay, gallery, ivy, moss, paint, paintwork, pattern, photographer, photographs, photography, rust, seascape, seaside, tree, trees, unusual, urban, urban, waterloo, website