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Created 20-Jul-12
27 photos

A collection of photographs taken in urban areas in and around London, UK. Some show my interest in geometric forms and subtle colour, others are abstract compositions made from observations and close-ups of decay, age and wear.
SkipRoad CompositionAluminiumWall LichenRoad Composition 2Ventilation GrillLine CompositionRoad Composition 3AnglesThe BarbicanWalkwayWaterloo East 1Waterloo East 2Waterloo East 3BuildingWindowsWall in the Car ParkPaint, Rust on MetalCracks in the PaintworkRust and Paint

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Category:City Scenes
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Keywords:Barbican, Battersea, Battersea Power Station, Camden, building, crack, cracks, docklands, gallery, geometry, lichen, london, metal, minimal, modern, paint, paintwork, pattern, photographer, photographs, photography, road, rust, skip, tarmac, urban, vent, waterloo, website, windows